Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tag, I'm It!

I've been tagged by Melissa for the eleven questions and answers that's been making it's way around.
1.  What is the thing you cannot stitch without
     besides your needle, thread and fabric ;) ?
     My hoop and my glasses!

2. What is your favourite stitching theme?
    I don't know if I can choose just one, I stitch such
    a wide variety of things. But if I have to choose it
    would be Halloween.

3. What are your favourite cross stitch designers?
     There are so many but I do love Nora Corbett.

4. Do you have any 'least' favourite designers?

 5. Traditional store bought Floss/Fabric, such as
     DMC products.
     I'm a DMC kind of girl.

6. What are your other hobbies?
     I enjoy reading when I'm able to put my needle
     down long enough to pick up a book.

7. What is your favourite magazine, cross stitch or
     Cross Stitch Gold

8. What is your favourite TV show?
     The Closer. Only 5 more episodes :(

9. If you could be a character from this show who
    would it be and why?
    Brenda Lee because she's a bad ass!

10. What country do you live in?

11. If you could move anywhere in the world where
      would it be and why
      I would like to live in Italy for awhile.  I'm half
      Italian so I would like to experience my heritage

Now give me a few days to come up with my questions for 11 bloggers!

Happy stitching!


Chelle said...

You can tag me. :o)

Carrie said...

Chelle, you are number one on my list!

Chelle said...

Awesome! Make them non-stitchy questions. We need to get to know each other better. ;o)

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed reading your answers!