Saturday, December 8, 2012

Busy With The B's

I managed to work my way through the B's this week, although it took longer than it should have.  I didn't really stitch a whole lot this week on any of these but I did put some stitches in them so that counts! 

Work has just been so busy that I'm almost too exhausted to stitch in the evenings.  Things aren't going to get much better for awhile either.  There is a new Sheriff taking office in January and there is just so much I have to do to prepare, plus add to that all of my normal end of year duties.  Oh well, such is life, I'm just thankful that the new Sheriff is keeping me in my current position as his Administrative Assistant.  Now on to some stitching! 

 I don't know why this picture turned sideways again, but it doesn't really matter because there's not much progress to see anyways.  This one is a tough stitch so far with so many thread changes.  It may take my lifetime to finish it.

By:  Carolyn Manning Designs

This one has been fun to stitch so far.  I'm hoping to have it done by next Halloween! lol

By:  Vicki Leavitt

This picture looks all washed out due to my fantastic photography skills.  I would have had a lot more done on this one, but I had a mistake and I had to frog the entire thing and start over again.  So frustrating when that happens. 

To recap the B's

1.  Bee Blessed by Gail Bussi

2.  Believe by HAED

3.  Blight, Broomhilda & Booz by Carolyn Manning

4.  Blown in the Wind by Vicki Leavitt

Now onto the C's!

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Stitching!


Melinda said...

My pictures turn sideways too, and sometimes even upsides down. Love your B's looking forward to your C's

SoCal Debbie said...

Your stitching looks great! This is fun to go through the alphabet with you!

Linda said...

More great projects Carrie. Love the A's and B's. Excited to see the C's. I emailed you a link about the Diane Arthurs SAL. Did you get it?


Susan said...

Very nice Bs! Looking forward to seeing the Cs.

Linda said...

Really enjoying your alpabet journey. I'm waiting for those Waxing Moon monthlies to show up.