Thursday, March 15, 2012


...and so do I!  I finished stitching Clancy and I want to make him into a pillow that looks like this one

Trouble is, I don't have a clue how to do it.  Can someone give me EASY TO FOLLOW instructions on how to make a pillow like this?  I have found some instructions on the Internet, but I can't understand them at all!  I'm getting frustrated and I'm afraid Clancy will end up in the finished but not quite finished pile if I can't find some easy to understand instructions.  Any help would be soooo appreciated!


Daffycat said...

That is called a tuck pillow. Meaning you "tuck" your stitching into the pillow. There are instructions galore on here if you search for "tuck pillow tutorial"

Those are clear if you study them long enough!

I have sewn pillows that LOOK like tuck pillows. I just sew strips of fabric to each end of my stitched piece then sew more strips onto the top & bottom. I usually have to "even things up" with scissors so it is square. Then I sew that finished top to the backing fabric. Is that clear? I'm only a very basic sewer!

Carrie said...

Thanks Sharon, it helps to know what the pillow style is actually called! I guess I'll dive in this weekend and see if I can actually make it!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...


You have a lovely finish.

Good luck in making your pillow.

Chelle said...


Does Vonna have a tutorial on this one? I found hers to be so helpful in figuring out my Christmas ornament.