Tuesday, March 27, 2012


On Sunday I pulled out this WIP from my pile

And I turned it into this!

Looks okay right?  Wrong.  Look again, closely this time.  It doesn't have any stuffing in it!  I figured out how to make the pillow top (at least I thought I did) and was so excited when it looked like the picture from the instructions I was following.  The problem happened when I stuffed it as you can see in this pitiful picture.

Can anyone tell me where I went wrong?  I'm determined to make this pillow, but as you can see I'm in need of some serious help!

Is it written anywhere that I have to stuff the thing? It just looks so pretty without the stuffing! LOL


Chelle said...


Send a picture to Faye at Carolina Stitcher. She does professional finishing and can probably tell you how to fix it.

I love the cross stitch part though. And the green is a good color match for the finish.

Also, have you checked you tube for finishing videos? I know someone who learned to knit off you tube.

It looks so springy! I have only finished two Christmas ornaments because I work so hard to get the cross stitching exactly right and if I ruin it by trying to finish it, I will be SOOOO upset after all of the hours of work!

That said, I think you can save it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,

I have never made one of these, but you're right - it looks great without the stuffing! I think the trick is to cut the outside pieces into strips and sew them onto the cross stitched piece sort of like a quilt. Then you have the front as one complete piece of fabric and then you can sew it to the back and stuff it.


SoCal Debbie said...

I'm sure you can fix it. Don't give up! But sorry, I have no advice to give. The flowers are really cute and the backing fabric is a perfect match!

Anonymous said...

Hi carrie

That stitching is lovely and the green fabric is just right.
I've never made a cushion so I can't really help with that. Hope you can sort it though.

Happy stitching!